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Your Camera Phone could land you in trouble!

By Sebastian Pilaf, Jun 14 2017 08:29PM

Camera cellphones are becomming more popular every day! It seems that most popular cellphones have built-in cameras nowdays, some of these cameras are capable of 5 or 7 megapixels.

I want to take this moment to remind you to think before you point and shoot!

Respect the privacy and personal space of others

I think that people are forgetting that their cellphones have actual cameras in them, and that they are in fact photographers when they use these cameras. This subjects them to the same laws that professional photographers are governed by.

If you decide to run nude down the street, then you should expect to draw attention, and you very well may be photographed, but people bathing topless on a designated beach, or dancing in a club, are given a certain expectation of privacy, and rightfully you cannot photograph them without their consent.

Some companies have taken the initiative to ban cellphone use at work, because with these new camera phones, it is much too easy for somebody to snap a picture of sensitive documents, or plans, or a product, and send it to another cellphone or email, and delete the evidence - all in a matter of a couple seconds!

Because camera cellphones are a new technology, their usage still presents many grey areas in many laws, but the rule of thumb is to treat your camera cellphone the same as if you were using a regular camera.

Motorola has started issuing warnings about improper usage of camera cellphones.

Guidelines for using camera cellphones

• Always be respectful of others.

• Your camera phone is a camera and as such is subject to the same laws as all other photographic equipment.

• Be reasonable and understand that some places will not allow you to enter with or use a camera, including a cellphone camera.

Please watch the video below for more information about this topic :

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