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The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Set To Mimic The Plastic Design Of The Galaxy S4

By Sebastian Pilaf, Jun 27 2017 08:16PM

Samsung currently dominate the smartphone market and much of this success can be attributed to two hugely popular ranges of models. The Galaxy S range is the company’s best selling set of devices but the Galaxy Note devices have also proven incredibly popular since its launch in 2011. We are now hearing more news about the Samsung Galaxy note 3 and latest reports are suggesting that the model will feature a similar design to the new Galaxy S4.Galaxy Note 3

A Korean source has revealed that the new Samsung Galaxy Note 3 will continue with the same plastic design as can be found on the recent Galaxy S4 handset. SaMobile revealed this latest news and it shows that Samsung are happy to roll out handsets boasting near identical designs but just offering different sizes. The Korean manufacturer are said to be happy with the design offered by existing models and they are reluctant to change, especially as existing devices are proving so popular with consumers. This latest story contradicts earlier rumours that the Note 3 would feature an all new design and some reports even suggested that the model would include a new flexible OLED display.

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As time goes by we are seeing many of the earlier reports linked to the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 eradicated one by one. One of the earlier rumours which we do expect to see however is the inclusion of the S Pen interactive stylus. With a large screen set to be incorporated the S Pen offers some useful functionality although it remains to be seen as to whether Samsung will alter the design of this device. We are expecting to see the new Galaxy Note 3 officially unveiled at the IFA event which takes place in Berlin in September. Among the other features set to appear on this handset is a 13 mega pixel camera and a very powerful 1.9Ghz quad core processor.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is one of the most eagerly awaited handsets of the year and it looks as though this device will follow a similar design pattern to the recently released Galaxy S4.

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